Mercedes Benz C63 AMG W204 C204

Boca Design provides lots of great looking and perfect fitting carbonfiber parts for various cars. But Boca is an absolute specialist when it comes to the best three letters: A M G. Boca offers all kinds of frontlips, sideskirts, diffusers, spoilers, mirrors, canards and so on in different optics - 100% Carbonfiber of course. Also the parts in black series optics are highly demanded and have great reputation all over Europe. Boca Design offers bonnets in black series design with perfect fitment in the options carbon / frp and carbon / kevlar. From the outside both bonnets look incredible sporty, from the inside the usage of material is different. That is why the kevlar / carbon bonnets (~ 6 kg) are even leighter than the carbon / frp (~ 9 kg) ones. The OEM bonnet weighs about 25 kg. Also Boca Design built a great rear wing similar to the black series design. The wing is fully made of Carbonfiber together with aluminium brackets. Normally only the black series coupe can drive a wing, Boca Design makes it possible for sedans as well. Next to great and individual optics the wing provides lots of downforce to the rear axle.