VW Golf 7 GTI / R

The Golf 7 GTI package from Boca Design consists of a frontlip, sideskirts, a diffuser and optionally a spoiler and / or a bonnet. The bonnet can be ordered in carbon / frp or carbon / kevlar. The only difference is the material usage on the inside and therefore the weight of the bonnet. Of course both options are lighter than the OEM bonnet. All of the other parts are completely made of Carbonfiber and provide individual optics to your MK7 GTI. Mounting the parts is very easy. For installing the frontlip you only need to demount the splitters and put the lip in place. Then you use four screws to fix the lip. The sideskirts and the diffuser are also mounted with the help or the original holes. The bonnet can we swapped in minutes. The spoiler is attached by pre installed 3M-tape.

There is also a Boca Carbon Diffusor available for Golf 7 R. Bonnet and Spoiler are fitting the same like MK7 GTI. More parts like frontlip, side skirts and so on are still to come. Stay tuned!