About BocaDesign

BOCA Design, based in Hong Kong, has been a successful business Joint Venture with Carbonfiber Dynamics GmBH for several years. Through this cooperation, we can offer you a very extensive range especially for the European car brands such as Audi, BMW, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. BocaDesign has made a name for itself at several fairs in the past and is a highly respected manufacturer of carbon fiber products in the tuning scene. BOCA was founded many years ago with just one mission: to provide carbon parts of excellent quality to satisfy customers around the world. Also, any claims in terms of lightweight construction, the products are easily fair. The majority is made entirely of carbon fiber, although fiberglass / carbon combinations are also available. Basically, the difference is in the weight of the components, as GRP is only used on the inside (for example, the bonnet, the boot lid). Externally, no differences can be identified. BOCA is a veteran in the field of carbon production and not only impresses with the excellent quality of the products, which are still available at fair prices at Carbonfiber Dynamics. The carbon parts from BOCA are also very popular visually, as the design team always looks for a nice combination of elegance and sportiness. In recent years BOCA has become more and more a specialist for BMW and Mercedes Benz components. In particular, carbon components, which are based on the Black Series Design and the Performance Look, are extremely popular. The perfect fitment of the products from BOCA by using the latest technologies of 3D Scanning, 3D Rendering, CAD, CNC Metal Molding and AutoClave Carbon Manufacturing Process.

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